Friday, June 20, 2008

Real Talk Vol. 1

As I started my day I was thinking about how much I could get done, how many emails I could send, how many phone calls I could return (shout out to my sister's, and my boy Lemay) and about a meeting I had at work and I was all over the place trying to get the most of the day. But as I stopped myself, well it wasnt me the Lord spoke to me and told me to give him his time. So I opened my devotional book and it was so ironic because the message of the day was titled; The Most Important Appointment. It read,

Make an appointment with God everyday and then keep it as if you were meeting with the most important person in the world.

We all carry appointment calenders. Some of us have day planners, and others can't go anywhere without their palm pilots, iphones, sidekicks. We all keep calenders to keep our appointments. We dont want to miss out on anything or anyone that would help improve our lives. Neither do we want to dissapoint anybody who wants to meet with us.
That said, does it seem like a good idea to put God at the top of your appointment list? Of course it does. He's the most important person in the world to you, and his plans for you are the most important tasks. Seek God and what he wants for you everyday and to help you remember, put his name in your appointment book. That's one daily meeting you don't want to miss.

"In the morning you will see the glorious presence of the Lord" - Exodus 16:7

Now that's real talk...Be real, be you, BMoore

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