Sunday, June 29, 2008

Barack Obama the painting

Here's the finished product of my second painting. I finished it much quicker than I did my Biggie portrait for my peeps that are keeping score on my art.
Shout out to Barack Obama for his democratic presidential nomination....a change is near!

Let me know what you think

Be real, be you, BMoore


Audrey said...

Hey B. I see you haven't received any comments :( I'm sure it's great! But, I'm unable to view. Would love to see it. -A

The Addict said...

Nice work, my friend! Didn't know you were the artist of sorts. Might need to recruit you for some pieces for my spot... :)

Crossy said...

My dude, this is truly hott! Now if I could talk you into making a Kobe one....we'd be in business!! :)

karen said...

Mr. Moore,,,I didn't know the you have some arts like that,,nice picture chico,,besos,,kk