Friday, May 9, 2008

Die Hard Fans

BMoore-Report checking in on Friday night May 10. I passed by this story the other day on the news wire and had to post it on the blogspot. I have lived in CT / New England and worked for ESPN for the past 2 years and so I am smack in the middle of the New York Yankees / Boston Red Sox rivalry. I mean like 90 percent of the people I work with are either Yankee fans or Sox fans, I always find myself in the innocent bystander position listening to friends and coworkers argue back and forth about the two. But this story is out of line....really thou! I mean I have seen some pretty nice fights, heard some nice tongue lashings and heard some good arguments for both sides. But somewhere in New Hampshire they got it twisted and seemed to think the Yanks and the Sox were street gangs and not athletic teams. the story, let me know what you think.

A New York Yankees fan was charged with murder Monday (5/5).

Forty-three-year-old Ivonne Hernandez was accused of running over a couple
Red Sox fans outside of a New Hampshire bar, after arguing over the baseball
team rivalry.

Hernandez was charged with reckless second-degree murder among other things.

Prosecutors said she was drunk when she drove her car through the parking
running down two people early Friday (5/2).

The incident happened within minutes of arguing with them about the New York
Yankees and Boston Red Sox.

Twenty-nine-year-old Matthew Beaudoin died Saturday from massive head trauma
Twenty-one-year-old Maria Hughes is still recovering from minor injuries.

Prosecutors said Hernandez told police she had four beers before getting
the argument. She said the confrontation upset her so much, she drove her
towards the crowd chanting "Yankees suck!"

According to police, Hernandez said she thought they would be smart enough
get out of the way.

Hernandez is currently being held without bail.

This lady is outta line. Prayers go out to the families of the deceased and to the crazy lady who ran the people over, Lord knows she needs it.

Be Real, Be you, BMoore


Chris said...

Why did she yell "Yankees Suck" if she's a Yanks fan?

Chris said...

Why did she yell "Yankees Suck" if she's a Yanks fan?

Crossy said...

I love the line where you say "i'm the innocent bystander." LOL I feel the same way. I don't like any New England teams!!