Monday, May 12, 2008

And the winner is Kob.....

And the winner is man.....speech!

First of all I wanna thank Phil Jack, the most important person before and after Shaq. Thanks to the Staples fans....Jerry West and...the Lakers organization for giving up the cash!

That was my thinking about what Kobe would say if he had a little Jay-Z from his single "Roc Boys...and the winner is" in him after being announced as the NBA MVP last week. But actually he said, "This is a team award. This is not an individual award," and added "This gets done because we all do it as a unit and I can't thank these guys enough."
Well, back to the Jay-Z Kobe connection, anybody that knows me even a little bit knows that there are two celebrities that I hold in high esteem, Kobe and Jigga Man. Kobe, because he's a Laker and the best in the game. Jay because I love hip hop and no one does it better than him. Not to mention I have every verse ever spit by Hov committed to memory and I think I remember every hoop Kobe has had in his 12 year career, totally putting 5 on it, but you get the point. I think its because I love the passion, tenacity and basketball skill off Kobe and I love the straight smooth talk and cool guy persona that Jay translates into his raps and his business ventures. o yeah, Hov is married to that one singer from Destiny's child, she aight too. But I think most of all I love the ridiculous amount of swag (i must say the word swagger has had it's 15 minutes of fame and people have defintiely played it out but in this case the word is needed) that both of them have. I think if Hov was a hooper he would be much like Kobe. The best....just because he doesnt know how to be anything else but the best and because he goes harder than anybody else when it counts the most. I would attempt the say the same about my boy Kobe but let's not forget he tried to show what flow he had in him back in the day and it resulted in a brick of an album and a single with Tyra Banks. NO BUENO indeed.

Well it took 12 seasons for the league to recognize Kobe as the MVP. I think this is all Kobe has been wanting since he entered the league in 1996. He wanted to be seen as the best ball player and be able to lead his team to elite status. Well...the day has come. It's crazy because it's not his best season individually or statisically but it is his best season for the Lakers as a team since the Big Homie Shaq dipped for South Beach to kick it with DWade. ...............These dots represent my boy Ryno, he's is a major Kobe hater and a Spurs fan and he tried to sabotage the BMoore-Report by adding some unchoice words about my boy Kobe Bean. Thats what I get for leaving my computer open. Sa-da-tay Mr. Bartlett. A good writer always proofreads! lol.

But back to my boy Kobe the MVP. Like I said, it's been a long time coming. And this season came down to a two man race between Kobe and the Hornets 3rd year point guard Chris Paul. No doubt CP3 had a ridiculous year! He led the league in assists and steals. (Side note; Did you know...John Stockton of the Utah Jazz is the all time NBA leader in assists and steals.) Not to mention he led the Hornets to a 2nd place finish in the tougher than leather Western Conference. To me...its the 2nd place finish that seperated the two and made Kobe the winner for the voters. The Lakers played the Hornets three games before the season ended with 1st place in the Western Conference at stake. The Lakers won so Kobe won. If Paul and Hornets win that game, I guarantee the award goes to Paul. As the voters have proven they put a lot of stock in team's status over individual performance. In my arguments I have had with people this year on should be MVP I have used this statement as my thesis. Kobe is the best player in the league on the best team in the best conference. And then I would just fill in the blanks in the argument. I hate to say Kobe should have gotten the award because of status and time served, but c'mon.....CP3 has been in the league for 3 years, no doubt he's gonna win a couple MVP awards in his time but Kobe has been in the league 12 seasons give the man his due. Kobe lost a little in the scoring column during the regular season, falling from 31.6 points a game last season to 28.3 during the 2007-08 season, but his defense was notably better and he averaged 6.3 rebounds and 5.4 assists, numbers that were tied for the second- and fourth-best outputs of his career.

Here's what coach Phil Jackson had to say, "I don't know anybody who deserves it more.......I've never known anybody who has worked as hard to accomplish what he's accomplished in this game."

High praise from the man who coached Jumpman to 6 titles. But hey it's gotta be true. Kobe is the best in the game since Mike, people hate to hear that but it's true. But much like Mike I doubt if this MVP season will mean very much unless he wins the championship and proves once again that he's the best player in the game.

And the winner is Kob


Crossy said...
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Crossy said...

My dude, this blog might be your best yet! And I'm not just saying that cuz i'm a Kobe/Lakers fan.

LOL @ Sadatay statement!

Also, I agree with the best player, playing for best team comment. That is the difference maker. Tenure plays a part in MVP status. CP3 will prob win MVP for consecutive years to come. He's young, so I look forward to seeing him keep the game interesting. However, the winner is truly Kob! [Speech!]

Chris said...

best part about Kobe's acceptance speech was Walton asking if he was going to buy his teammates something. Very funny. Kobe accepted with some class. His career arc in incredible. 4 years ago, he could have been in prison. Now he's on top of the world.