Friday, October 9, 2009

Im an addict for sneakers...Bo Jackson's re-released

"Its like im searching for a sneaker head" - Jay-Z "So Ambitious"

Nike just re-released the old school Bo Jackson SC Traners. OBOY! I got a email from my boy Bartlett in Minnesota the other day, saying look what I found. I remember these nikes from back in the day, like it was yesterday. I have had two pairs since they originally released them and I have honestly been waiting for nike to re-release these for some time now.

I got my first pair the night before I started the 7th grade. You know back in the day it was crucial to get some new shoes for the first day of school. I stayed with my Dad, but my Mom told me she would get them for me and make sure she dropped them off before school on Monday. Like ALWAYS, I had faith in Mom's promise, so I spent the day waiting for her to show up at the house with the footlocker bag and that orange nike box. I cant lie, that day moved in extra slow motion waiting for my Mom to show. Its not later until in life that you fully understand all that parents go thru and do to make things happen for you as a kid. All I wondered as a kid, was where the hell is Mom with my shoes!" Mom's eventually made it, but I was already sleep. But I woke up in the middle of the night and saw the footlocker bag that I had anticipated seeing all day. After my sleep walk to the bathroom for a wake up piss, I opened the shoes, kissed them and sat them on top of the ironing board in front of my bed. Which put them in a perfect place for me to stare at them every time I opened my eyes for the rest of the night. Thank you Mom's for coming thru in the clutch, like always.

The next day I went to school feeling fresher than Will Smith and Uncle Phil too. I had some stone washed guess overalls that I rocked with one shoulder strapped dangling, that was the style back in the day. I also had a sweet Bo Jackson t shirt that said BO KNOWS in Orange and Blue the exact color match of the shoes. Not to mention I had a new haircut with a least 15 lines in my head. Like I said...I was fresh, no doubt. Not to mention, I was the only one at school with the Bo Jackson's that day. Time and the fact that I wore my orange and blue Bo Jackson's everyday eventually caught up to those kicks and I was forced to get rid of them. A true love lost....

"You can catch Mac in Marcy 4-5-6'n it...Orange Bo Jackson's New York Knicks'n it..." Beanie Siegel - "My Hood to your Hood"

Years later, while on an internship in Orlando I ran across another pair at the Nike factory for 25 dollars! Needless to say, I scooped them up with no hesitation. Actually they weren't 25 dollars, but I had the switch the box scheme running at the nike store. lol. When I got the shoes the second time I thought there was no way I would ever lose them, thought I would have them forever. On my second run, I had a Patrick Ewing jersey that matched the shoes perfectly, so that Beanie Siegel line from above was real life to me, I love when I hip hop line hits you like that. I would eventually have to leave the kicks behind because I was moving and had to many bags for the plane ride. I felt like I left them in good hands with my boy DJ Jus Chris, but he managed to lose them somehow, someway....jackass!
But it was my fault for leaving these shoes that I loved so behind. Love lost part two....

And with that said, when I got the text from Bartlett I told myself when I get the Bo Jackson this time around, im going to have them doubt. So footlocker here I come.

"I'm a addict for sneakers....." - Nas - New York State of Mind

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