Saturday, March 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Dylan Royce!

What it is, what it do, what it look like, BMoore-Report checking in, I'm trying to get a little more focused on the spot or at least on my writing. I dont get to write much at the job, so this allows me to get it out. But that's a whole other point. March 15th was the bornday of my second nephew Dylan Royce. March 15th, 2007. Thats crazy! I think more than anything it makes me say, "damn time flies..." But, more than that it's like wow, my lil nephew is already one year old, and my sister told me today that he's been walking. Damn that's crazy! I don't know if he is growing up fast or he's just doing what he's suppossed to be doing, but either way i'm proud of him and love him like a fat kid loves cake. (Sidenote - Damn, I just used a Fiddy Cent qoute, not something I normally condone but that was the first thing that came to mind.) This is my sister Kia's second son, her first is my other nephew Demetrius. I remember how much I loved to be around him when was little and I wish I could be around my new nephew Dyl the same way. But one day that will happen, until then I'll continue to show love from a distance. There's really nothing like family, because I know I love my nephews like they were my own kids, I feel like I would do anything and everything for them at any given moment. There's so many connections with my nephew...lets see, i helped pick his name with my sister and he has my middle name, Royce. And I was given the middle name Royce by Dad (shout out to my OG) and he told me it was after the car Rolls Royce. Now that's some fly ish....
My nephew is also a pisces like myself...and he's born 5 days before my other nephew D...and everyone say's he looks like me when i was a baby. Again, I don't know if that's just my peoples putting five on it, or if he really looks like me when i was little. But I know he's damn cute so if I looked anything like him I was lucky. My mom actually got a chance to go to Atlanta last week and got to see my peeps; sister Kia, Dylan and Demetrius so I should have new pictures to post in the next week or so. When my mom called me, I could hea Dylan in the background trying to sounded something like.....ayayayayayayayayayayayayayayaya. LOL. Not quite sure what that means...but damn it sounded good.

Happy Birthday Dylan Royce. Uncle BMoore-Report loves ya.

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Michelique said...

hey...him and my son share a birthday...good little people are born on that day. May they always be blessed!